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Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (III)

(3). Windlass Windlass machinery is used to throw anchor, heave up anchor, and pull back cable. The horizontal layout sprocket shaft Windlass is called horizontal windlass, which is general merchant uses windlass; the vertical arrangement of vertical windlass, used for …

Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (II)

7.Fresh Water Production Equipment Fresh water production equipment heat the sea water under the vacuum state to produce steam, and then the steam condenses into fresh water. 8.Automation System With the science development and technology widely used in the ship, …

Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (I)

An operating ship must be equipped all kinds of equipments. Through these equipments, the ship can sail, berth and unberth, load and unload safely. The main equipments in the ship are power equipment, control equipment, load and unload equipment and …

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